Silvers (Regionals) July 20-22

Below is an email to WASC regarding Silvers -- please read it and follow links if you are interested in Silvers. Sign up is closed unless your swimmer made a Q time in Swim Off' Coach with questions.

Hello all BSSC coaches/team managers:

The 2018 Long Course Silver Championships & 8 & Under Championships are being held July 20-22 at Mercer Park Aquatic Center in Iowa City.  This meet has changed since last year and we want to share these changes and other general information, including registration deadlines with you.

Please use the following link for a full, printable copy of the meet invite.

1) 8 & Under Championships.  This portion of the meet will be held on Saturday afternoon, with competition beginning at 2:00pm.  There is NO qualifying time to enter this session of the meet.  We took several of our 8 & unders to this portion of the meet last season and they did well.  You know your swimmers/families best so, if you think they would enjoy this, please encourage them to consider the event.  Do remember that this is a 50 meter pool - no 25 meter swims will be happening.

2) Silver Championships for all other ages do require a Q (qualifying) time to participate in the meet.  The times standards can be found by following this link:

Please choose the appropriate standard to view:  Y for yard pool times, SCM for 25 meter pool times. Please remember that if you have a younger swimmer that has swam a senior 100/200 event to look at the time standard for their age. 

If you have a swimmer(s) that have achieved a Q time, they allowed to enter additional "Bonus" or Mirrored" events at the meet for which they do not have a "Q" time. Please refer to the meet invite for additional information on these events.

Relays events:  Like state meets, we are allowed to bring relays that include swimmers that do not have a Silver "Q" time.  The number of relays we are allowed is dependent on how many swimmers with "Q" times we send to the meet.

Our coach this season will be Independence head coach, Melissa Fry.  As always, we encourage all swimmers participating in Silvers to consider practicing at least once or twice with Melissa. Please watch for practice schedule to be posted soon.

Entry Deadlines:

All entries must be in to Caroline/Cheryl by 1:00pm on Sun. July 8.  We will be allowed to submit entries for any Q times earned at Swim Off's July 16.  To do this, Caroline/Cheryl must have these entries by noon on Sunday July 15.

The entry event file can be found at this link:

While we are thrilled to have you submit your entries in the normal zip format, we must be able to contact your swimmer/family and want a written list of their events in addition to the zip you submit.  Please find attached a form we need completed in full for ALL swimmers  attending this meet.  This must be submitted (scanned) to Caroline/Cheryl along with your entries.  To build relays, we also need your Top Times Spreadsheet.  Please include the names of any swimmers willing to attend Silvers to compete (only swim) a relay.

Please let us know if you have any questions.