There are three practice groups: Aqua (advanced), Indigo (intermediate), and Blue (beginner). See below for description of skills of these groups.

Practice times at Waverly outdoor pool for all groups: mornings, Monday thru Friday, weather permitting. TBD for 2019 -- a second optional practice from 5-6 pm for all on M/W/F. Please drop-off no more than 15 minutes early and pickup on time.

  • Aqua Group - 7:15 am to 8:45 am

  • Indigo Group - 8:30 am to 9:30 am

  • Blue Group - 9:15 am to 10:00 am

  • June 3-7 - On Mon/Wed/Fri, there will be an after school practice held for Aqua/Indigo Groups. On Tues/Thur, there will be after school practices held for Indigo/Blue Groups. For Indigo, please bring them to M/W/F for a more advanced swimmer, and T/H for a less advanced swimmer.

  • TBD for 2019 -- There will be an optional Mon/Wed/Fri practice from 5-6 pm on days we do not have meets. We have 3 lanes to use at the outdoor pool during this time, and this time can be used to have a supplemental practice for swimmers interested in attending. Also bring running shoes to this practice -- only 3 lanes can be used for swimming, so dry-land exercises may be utilized if we need to divide water-time between swimmers due to large attendance.

There will be a communication notebook at practices. Please communicate concerns/issues to coaches in this notebook or via email as coaches will be involved with swimmers 100% of the time during practice. No parents/spectators are allowed on the deck at practice according to USA Swimming policies.

  • Practice begins once school is out for the summer, and the last practice for all is Friday, July 19.

  • Practice the week of State (late July) will be communicated to State swimmers privately.

Absolutely no cameras/no photography in changing rooms at practices or meets.

PRACTICE GROUP LIST FOR 2019 - MEMBERS Click for a list of WASC members and their group. Groups may need adjusted as the season progresses. If your swimmer is NOT on this list, they are not registered for WASC.

Descriptions of Skills for each group:

Swimmers are assigned at the coach's discretion. Considerations other than skills listed below -- including emotional maturity and behavior -- are also considered when assigning a swimmer to a group.  Swimmers may move to other groups as the season progresses.

AQUA (Advanced Group). It is expected that swimmers are proficient in all 4 competitive strokes with a high degree of technical expertise.  Athletes will swim approximately 3000-5000 meters in practice. They will work on refining technical skills, speed, and endurance as well as starts, turns, and finishes.

INDIGO (Intermediate Group). It is expected that swimmers are capable of swimming all 4 competitive strokes.  Athletes will swim approximately 1500 – 3000 meters in practice.  They will work on becoming more proficient in all strokes, while increasing speed and endurance. Work on starts, turns, and finishes will also be emphasized. 

BLUE (Beginner Group). It is expected that swimmers can already swim 25 meters without stopping or assistance.  This group will focus on learning the 4 competitive strokes. They will also work on endurance and progress from approximately 400 meters in a practice up to 1000 meters in practice by the end of the season.