2019 Meet Schedule

SATURDAY BSSC MEETS START AT 9:00AM with warm-ups at 8:10 AM. Swimmers arrive by 7:55 AM.

WEEKDAY BSSC MEETS START AT 5:30PM with warm-ups at 4:40 PM. Swimmers arrive by 4:25 PM.

Note: Signup online at the Swim Portal for meets by 11:59 pm on the signup deadline dates. Coach assumes "yes" to relays unless you notify him otherwise...relays are FUN!

June 2019

  • 6/13: Thursday. Independence hosts LarPorte and WASC

  • 6/15: Saturday. Independence hosts WASC

  • 6/18: Tuesday. WASC hosts Oelwein and Dike

  • 6/22: Saturday. Dike hosts LaPorte and WASC

  • 6/24: Monday. WASC hosts Dike and LaPorte

  • 6/27: Thursday. Dysart hosts Dike and WASC

  • 6/29 - 6/30: Ben Newell @ Mason City

July 2019

  • 7/2: Tuesday. Oelwein hosts WASC and LaPorte

  • 7/6: Saturday. WASC hosts Dysart and Independence

  • 7/13: Saturday. BSSC Swimoffs at LaPorte

  • 7/TBD: END OF SEASON SWIM PARTY! 8-10 pm at the outdoor pool. Fun, food, games, & awards!

  • 7/19: Fri AM. Last practice for all swimmers; all can practice through this day. No PM practice.

  • 7/19 thru 7/21: SILVER CHAMPIONSHIPS (by qualifying or participating in a relay with a qualifier).

  • 7/25 thru 7/28: STATE (by qualifying or participating in a relay with a qualifier).

Addresses of Pools (All BSSC pools are outdoor meter unless specified, Silver & State are indoor):

  • Dike: 255 7th St, Dike, IA 50624.

  • Dysart: 410 Lincoln St, Dysart, IA 52224.

  • Independence: 609 5th St. SE, Independence, IA 50644.

  • LaPorte City: 508 Oak Street, La Porte City, IA 50651.

  • Oelwein (yard pool): 400 4th St NE, Oelwein, IA 50662.

  • Parkersburg: 100 Cemetery Lane, Parkersburg, IA 50665.

  • WASC: 501 5th Ave SW, Waverly, IA 50677.

  • SILVER Championships: Mercer Park Aquatic Center, 2701 Bradford Dr, Iowa City, IA, 52240.

  • STATE: ISI Long Course Championship, U of IA CRWC, 309 South Madison, Iowa City, IA, 52242.

Register for meets at the Swim Portal. Register in advance. The Swim Portal lists registration deadlines specifically for each meet. 

Meet Etiquette:  Please remind your swimmer each meet about meet etiquette. Racers -- stay in the water until all swimmers in an event have finished, tell other swimmers something positive after an event (e.g. "Good job!", "Nice race!", etc.), and TALK TO THE COACH as soon as you get out of the water.  This is the BEST time to get feedback about your event (including if you were disqualified and why).


  • Go to www.WASCswim.org and click “Swim Portal”

  • Login (it’s the user id and password you used to register your swimmer).

  • Click “View Meets”

  • For the upcoming meet of your choice, select “Attending” or “Not Attending” button, and then choose up to 3 individual events (most kids choose 3 individual events).

  • SAVE (save for EACH swimmer!!!)

Be careful when selecting events! Select the appropriate category – “Open” events are for all kids 18 and under, so if you have a 10-year-old, make sure they are in the “10 and under”…unless you want them swimming in the Open event.

It is assumed your swimmer wants to be in relays. Relays are at the very beginning and very end of meets. Kids have a lot of fun in relays, and coach assigns relay teams. If they do not want to be in relays, email the Coach and let them know (waverlyswimclub@hotmail.com) BEFORE the signup deadline.  Not everyone is guaranteed to be in a relay at every meet.

Talk to coach if you are unsure about what events to sign up for your swimmer before the deadline!

BSSC meets do NOT cost money to register and participate, but you may want to support the concession stand! Non-BSSC meets do have an entry/splash fee: Ben Newell, Silvers, and State all have entry fees which will be communicated.


In 2019, due to increasing transportation costs (over $1000 per season) and decreasing interest, there will be no more bus to away meets. Car pool please. WASC will help facilitate communications about car pooling. In 2018, there were, on average, less than 10 riders per bus trip -- it is not feasible to continue to subsidize this service. WASC recommends carpooling and sending $5 per child to give to the carpooling driver in appreciation, with recommended carpooling pickup at the outdoor pool (as the bus would).

The plan is that carpoolers leave the Waverly outdoor pool at 3:10 pm for Independence and at 3:30 pm sharp for other meets (unless communicated otherwise). Guest riders -- be sure to arrive respectfully before the leave-time. Communicate the arrangements for your swimmer to ride home (either bring them home yourself or communicate with the car pool driver if they need the return ride).


 Please no cameras or other recording devices behind the blocks or in changing rooms.

For swimmers

  • Suit

  • Goggles

  • Extra goggles (sometimes they break!)

  • Towels (2-4, depending on how many events they will swim)

  • Sunscreen

  • Non-breakable water bottle

  • Healthy snacks

  • Warmer clothes for cool days/evenings

  • Things to do when waiting between events

  • Meet Etiquette: Racers -- stay in the water until all swimmers in an event have finished, tell other swimmers something positive after an event (e.g. "Good job!", "Nice race!", etc.), and TALK TO THE COACH as soon as you get out of the water. This is the BEST time to get feedback about your event (including if you were disqualified and why)

Some swimmers bring tents to protect from sun/rain (as long as there is no thunder/lightening, swimmers will swim in rain!) and money for snacks.  A big gym bag works great to pack everything.


  • Glass bottles

  • Balls

  • Jewelry

NOTE—Some swimmers bring electronics (Gameboys, DSs, iTouches, etc.).  This is up to parents, but the SWIMMER is RESPONSIBLE for anything that “disappears” - not anyone else. Valuables, including money, have been stolen at swim meets.

For parents and other audience members

  • Lawn chair

  • Hat

  • Umbrella

  • Snacks/supper and/or money for concessions

  • Sunscreen

  • Copy of swim events (called “heat sheet” - we will email this to you before each meet)

  • Black sharpie marker (to write your swimmer's events on their skin)

SPECIAL MEETS (Ben Newell, Swim Offs, Silvers, State)

BEN NEWELL MEMORIAL MEET (2019): We encourage swimmers to try races at Mason City which will allow them to swim with their own age group for distances that we do not typically offer or are only done as Senior/Open during the regular BSSC season.

Meet Location:  Mason City Aquatic Center

Swimmer cost:  Splash Fee/per swimmer: $10,  Individual entry/per race: $5,  Relay Entry/per race: $2.50

    Race restrictions:  4 individual/1 relay per session

    Awards:  1st-3rd, medal; 4th-8th ribbon

    Only long course times allowed - we cannot convert times from short course meter/yard races.

SWIM OFFS: Swim offs is our season-end conference meet where all teams of the Big Six Swim Club meet up and compete for points. The most points wins! Plus there is a Sportsmanship award. There is one entry per event for each team. We ask swimmers to declare if they're available or not for attending the meet. Coach determines who swims in which races based on available swimmers. We always hope that EVERYONE is available, but realize not everyone will be able to be in the race of their choice.

Swim off hosts are on a rotating schedule as follows:

  • 2016 Dike (Swim Off's winner: Dysart)

  • 2017 Dysart (Swim Off's winner: Dysart)

  • 2018 Independence (Swim Off's winner: Dysart, Sportsmanship winner: Independence)

  • 2019 LaPorte City

  • 2020 Oelwein

  • 2021 Parkersburg

  • 2022 Waverly

SILVER CHAMPIONSHIPS: This meet replaces "Regionals" from 2017 and before. It requires a competitive Q time. If your swimmer qualifies for this race, it is a wonderful opportunity to swim in mid-July with touch pads, and it's one more opportunity to qualify for State. Swimmers may not go to Silver Championships in events where they have reached a State Q time already. But if your swimmer can get a single qualifying time for Silver, the swimmer will be allowed to swim additional events at Silvers, for which they do not have a qualifying time.  To help defray coach expenses for Silver Championships, the club will charge a "splash fee" TBD per swimmer. More information will be shared about this meet as it comes closer.

STATE: Swimmers may qualify for the state swim meet if they "got a Q time." Refer to the Iowa Swimming website to see a list of state qualifying times (Q times). If there is a state qualifier, a relay team may be created out of BSSC swimmers. More information will be provided as the season progresses. Again, splash fees will be charged to defray coaching expenses.