WASC Handbook & FAQ

This amazing document has a wealth of information about WASC (a parent-run non-profit swim club) and swim meets. Please review it and reference it frequently. Feel free to print a copy, if you would like (it's +30 pages -- tons of information, too much to cover in a meeting or a website).

About Meets

There is a bunch of meet information under the Schedule -> Meets page. If you still have questions after reviewing that page and the WASC Handbook & FAQ doc above, send us an email.

It's a bit scary if you're a new swimmer entering your first meet -- but all these swimmers have been there. The best thing to do is just sign up and have fun. A lot of folks will be around to help answer questions during the meet.

Online Meet Entry - How-to Instructions

Sign up online for meets at the Swim Portal well in advance of the meet. Signups are due about three full days before the meet.  The deadline is posted on the Swim Portal. Signing up late (up to 24 hours before the meet) may be allowed with a $10 Late Splash fee...so please sign up in time to avoid this extra fee. When the meet is 24 hours away or sooner, there is no entry.

For each meet, choose individual events prior to the deadline.  Up to three individual events are allowed per meet. Relays are assumed "yes" unless you communicate that with coach. Your swimmer may participate in up to two relays, but this depends on availability of other swimmers.

Also...be sure to click "SAVE" after selecting individual events for each swimmer! If you don't "SAVE" the info, it'll not be saved automatically.  For more information, click the "How to Sign Up" button below.

WASC Swim Records

Big 6 Swim Club Rules

The Big 6 Swim Club (BSSC) has a set of rules all groups must follow. For more information about those rules, see link below.