2018 coaches

We are very pleased to have dedicated coaches teach and engage our children in this wonderful sport.

  • Micah Versemann ................... Head Coach
  • Aftin Phyfe .................................. Assistant Coach (for first week only)
  • Emma Graening........................ Assistant Coach
  • McKenzie Kielman................... Assistant Coach
  • Chris Haymaker......................... Volunteer Coach

About the coaches

Micah Versemann: "I am currently working at Fareway in Waverly as well as continuing to grow my film production company. I started swimming in 2007 for WASC and swam through my senior year of high school in 2014. I also swam in the winter for the Black Hawk YMCA through 2015. Since the summer of 2015 I have been one of the coaches for WASC and look forward to getting to return again this year."

Aftin Phyfe: "I was a swimmer for the University of Northern Iowa specializing in Spring freestyle, backstroke, and IM. I am currently attending UNI and studying elementary education and special education. I have been coaching WASC for the past two years and love what I do. In the future, I want to become a coach on top of working as a teacher! My goal is to help students love what they do and want to learn. Being apart of a swim team was one of the best things I could have done growing up. You are able to create friendship, leadership, communication skills, teamwork, determination, and so much more. All while being in a positive environment around people that want the best for you. My goal as a coach is to make my kids excited everyday when they come to the pool. I cannot wait to start off the summer with all of you!"

McKenzie Kielman: "I am currently attending Wartburg College, majoring in public relations and digital cinema with minors in creative writing and leadership.  I work on-campus as a communications intern for both the Sustainability and Wartburg West offices, as well as a server at the Waverly Applebee’s Bar and Grill.  I participated as a member of the of WASC for six years, I went on to become a certified lifeguard then water safety instructor, and now a coach!" 

Chris Haymaker: "I grew up in Greencastle, Indiana, where I participated in summer swim team and USS swimming for 10 years. I continued to swim year round and swam on the varsity swim team as a walk-on at University of Illinois for three years. In Champaign, I was the assistant coach at Champaign Country Club while in college. After retiring from swimming to focus on Psychology in 1991, I was the head coach of Greencastle Summer Swimming for three years. I completed my graduate work in Clinical Child Psychology at Miami of Ohio, and worked at Ohio State in several positions before coming to Iowa. Currently, I teach at the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Residency Program in Waterloo, Iowa. I am really looking forward to seeing my kids swim this summer!"