2019 General Information

The program is open to children ages 5 - 18. The minimum requirement for the team is to swim 25 yards without stopping or needing assistance. If your child does not meet the minimum requirement, we strongly recommend attending swim lessons.

WASC Open House is April 23, 2019. Below is what we covered:

  • Swim tryouts at Open House (for new members or practice group changes). Be sure to tryout if you're a new swimmer as the minimum requirement for the team is to swim 25 yards without stopping or needing assistance. If your child does not meet the minimum requirement, we strongly recommend attending swim lessons. Ask us questions at waverlyswimclub@hotmail.com

  • To officially register and pay, it was done online by June 3. Sorry - no late registrations this year.

  • Q&A about swim club (or read our WASC Manual/FAQ information).

  • Media/photography consent forms due at the first practice.

  • Medical forms due at at the first practice; contact us in advance if there are medical considerations.


  • Sign up for concession item donations online;

  • Swim gear ordering at Open House was optional; more information at "Information -> Clothing/Gear".

Registration with payment online through June 3, with a capacity of 110 swimmers. However, after May 24, there is an additional $10 fee added to registration (See 'Late Registration' below).  For those who were with WASC last year, use the same registration user id, and registration will be quicker! A wait-list will begin once 110 swimmers are enrolled.

If you have questions, please review the WASC handbook & FAQSee practice schedule  and meet schedule to help you plan your summer. If this website does not answer your questions, please contact us prior to registering. Our email address is waverlyswimclub@hotmail.com

COST: $140 per member. Seven weeks of swimming practices with a certified swim coach, and nine or ten meets that cost nothing to participate (all BSSC conference meets are at no additional cost). Here is where your membership fee goes:

  • WASC. This goes to our local club. With this we pay expenses such as coaches, life guards, W fees, & supplies (lane lines, kick boards, flags, ribbons, computer software, etc). If you qualify as an "Outreach Athlete" (as instructed under the USA/LSC seasonal fees below) there may be scholarships available -- contact us if this is applicable.

  • BSSC. This is our Big Six Swim Club conference and does not stay with our club.

  • USA/LSC seasonal. If your member has a year-round membership, please show the current card and you will be refunded this charge if you paid during registration. *For families in financial need, this fee may be reduced to only $5 by completing the Outreach Athlete form found at the ISI Website: (isiswim.org) / ISI Management tab / Registration, then download/fill out the "Iowa Outreach Athlete Membership Application." You will be reimbursed if you apply and qualify for the Outreach; please contact us if this is applicable.

  • All the BSSC hosted meets do not have meet entry fees. The Ben Newell meet in Mason City does have meet entry/splash fees. If your swimmer qualifies for Silvers or State, those also have meet entry fees/splash fees.

DISCOUNTS: $5 discount for the second family member registered. $10 discount for subsequent family members registered. Register all members during your initial online registration session to receive this discount.

VOLUNTEER: This is a parent-run non-profit club that requires dozens of people to run a home swim meet. Volunteer signups are available online. Please sign up for 3+ volunteer slots per family, at a minimum. We will have three home meets and six away meets in our conference season. Lots of help will be required, and there are ample opportunities. If you are not able to help or find a replacement, we understand; consider the Volunteer Buy Out for $90 per family (that's $30 per slot).

CONCESSIONS: We heavily rely on home meet concessions as additional income to pay for club expenses. Each family is asked to contribute at least three concession items or provide $20 to go towards concession goods. Concession signups are available online. We also need plenty of folks to run the concession stand at home meets. This is one of many volunteer opportunities.

SWIM GEAR: Team swimsuits and gear may be ordered at our Open House. See our Clothing/Gear link for more information. If unable to order at the Open House, call Scheels in Cedar Falls and let them know you're with WASC to get the discount and proper suit style. WASC team swim caps will be for sale at the Open House and the first week of practice for $5 each while supplies last. Team suits are optional.

MEDICAL FORM: There is a paper medical form. This is brought to each meet in case of emergency. Please fill out and sign for each swimmer prior to the first practice. Click here for the medical form.

MEDIA/PHOTO CONSENT FORM: There is a paper media/photography consent form. We may post photos of swimmers (not identified) to our Facebook page, newsletters, or newspaper. Please fill out and sign prior to the first practice. Click here for the media/photo consent form.

LATE REGISTRATION: Regular online registration opens through May 24. After May 24, it is considered "Late Registration" – an additional $10 late fee will be added after May 19. Late registration after May 27 will require a delay of practice until June 7 due to insurance requirements. WASC registration ends June 3. We encourage early registration, but we understand some people miss the regular signup window. We must send in enrollment information to the BSSC manager, who in-turn sends it to Iowa Swimming for membership processing well in advance of our practice start date as well as determine swimmer groups.  This enrollment information is due from WASC to the BSSC manager on specific dates (for 2019 those dates are: 5/9, 5/24, and 6/4), then the following day it is transmitted from BSSC to Iowa Swimming for them to process. If you missed the Open House in April and need a swim tryout, contact us at waverlyswimclub@hotmail.com to inquire about what group your swimmer may be assigned, if they meet the minimum requirement. Registration will be accepted until June 3, but the swimmer must not participate in practice/meets until Iowa Swimming confirms registration is complete.

LATE SPLASH FEES: There are no splash fees for conference meets if enrolled by the communicated deadline.  Late meet entries may be permitted for a $10 late-splash-fee per swimmer up to 24 hours before a meet paid to the head coach. This includes up to 3 individual events. The swimmer may be chosen for relays only if there is a need or opening.  This nominal charge will help families when they have unexpected plan changes and are now available to swim. Or, if a family forgot to enroll their child in a meet, they now have that option to participate in individual events. Late-meet-entry must be communicated directly via phone or in person with Coach at least 24 hours in advance of the meet. (Note: If less than 24 hours before a meet, there is no entry allowed.)

LATE SCRATCHES: Scratches from meets with a valid excuse are permissible (ie: illness, emergency). Late scratches without a valid excuse are undesirable and cause administrative issues. If a relay swimmer has a late scratch without a valid excuse, they may not be selected for future relays for the season.

REFUNDS: USA/LSC fees are nonrefundable. No refunds will be given once practice begins.

DONATIONS: We accept donations! Like many non-profits, there are costs, and those costs have surpassed our fees. If you or your employer would be interested in being a sponsor of WASC, please contact us at waverlyswimclub@hotmail.com.

SILVER CHAMPIONSHIPS: This meet replaces "Regionals" from 2017 and before. It now requires a competitive Q time. If your swimmer qualifies for this race, it is a wonderful opportunity to swim in mid-July with touch pads, and it's one more opportunity to qualify for State. Swimmers may not go to Silver Championships in events where they have reached a State Q time already. To help defray coach expenses for Silver Championships, the club will charge a "splash fee" TBD per swimmer. More information will be shared about this meet as it comes closer.

STATE: Swimmers may qualify for the state swim meet if they "got a Q time." Refer to the Iowa Swimming website to see a list of state qualifying times (Q times). If there is a state qualifier, a relay team may be created out of BSSC swimmers. More information will be provided as the season progresses. Again, splash fees will be charged to defray coaching expenses.

BOARD MEMBERS: Please consider being a board member to keep this parent-run organization running for our children.

MORE QUESTIONS: If you have questions, please review the WASC handbook & faq. Or, visit the LINKS page for other organizational questions. Questions may be directed to waverlyswimclub@hotmail.com